Digital engagement – Academy in Action 2019 follow-up

IAA Digital Engagement advice

In May, the IAA and PayPoint visited Harjinder Ruprai’s store in Birmingham to help improve her digital engagement. Three months on, we learn how the action plan is benefiting her business

IAA digital engagement advice

1. Use Google My Business to improve the store information online

2. Review sales in relation to Facebook posts to see what works

3. Personalise social media posts so they are unique to your store

25 views of Harjinder’s Google My Business page in the first week

Harjinder’s results 

“We have a good customer base, but the action plan has helped me understand how I can use social media to reach an even bigger audience. We’ve updated the information on our Google My Business page, and added new photos. We’re already seeing the benefits, with notifications from Google that the number of visitors is going up. Our Facebook and Instagram accounts are now linked. This means our posts will reach a bigger audience, and saves us time. We’ve also scheduled a series of personalised posts for our store.”

Partner advice

Steve O’Neill, Marketing Director, PayPoint
PayPoint logo

Steve O’Neill
Marketing Director

“Retail is constantly evolving, and convenience stores have to take advantage of the latest technology, whether it’s EPoS or Google My Business. It’s vital your shop is easy to find and well presented on all major platforms.”

Keep up with the modern consumer with digital engagement 

Visit Better Retailing/academy-in-action to engage shoppers through data and technology, and find out how you can be a part of the next visit programme

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