Merchandising – Academy in Action follow up

Last year, the IAA and Vape Retailer visited Ravi Raveendran’s store in Hounslow, west London to review and improve his merchandising. We find out what’s changed since the visit

Each year as part of the IAA’s Academy in Action programme, we visit 12 independent retailers to help them make simple improvements in their stores in order to increase sales and profits.

Last February, we visited Ravi Raveendran’s shop in West London with Vape Retailer, to look and create an action plan to promote and price products consistently. We catch up with Ravi to find out what’s changed since our visit.

IAA advice

1. Request supplier PoS to help highlight higher-margin products

2. Use signs to highlight offers and boost sales of impulse lines

3. Create labels for fruit and veg so shoppers can buy with confidence

The results

“With the lockdown it was challenging to get suppliers to visit my store, but I managed to get a PoS kit with wobblers, recipe cards and posters sent to me for my wines and spirits.

“I created some signs to highlight that I sell pasta and a range of sauces and I introduced clearer pricing labels for my loose fruit and veg.

“They are handwritten, but they work well for me as it means I can adapt as seasonal products come in. Since doing this, fruit and veg sales have gone up by 5%.”

Partner advice

“I’m delighted that Ravi has noticed an impact from the changes he’s made.

“Merchandising is all about consistency. Clear labels and pricing help customers to locate products and give them confidence in purchasing.”

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