Benchmark your shop

The IAA Benchmarking tool is a simple tick-box process that will give you a brilliant and instant read on how your store compares with independent convenience retailers up and down the UK. The IAA is broken down into 12 steps, and you can benchmark your store all at once, or one step at a time. 

The 12 categories of the IAA have been shaped by top retailers and leading suppliers to help give you a framework for success that you can have real trust in. It’s built on the small, smart, simple things which, when done consistently over time, produce real measurable results.

Simply tick all the boxes that apply over the next few pages, save your progress when you want to, and submit your own Benchmarks whenever you’re ready. You’ll get an instant read that tells you how you’re doing, and you will be put forward for a visit from an independent assessor who will help compile an in-depth report. Start now by logging in below!

Benefits of benchmarking

  • Walk your shop and see it through a shoppers’ eyes
  • Discuss ideas and areas to improve with your team
  • Compare your shop with the best in the UK
  • Create your own shop report
  • Grow sales across your shop

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