Benchmark your shop

Our 15 benchmarks help you identify where your shop is successful and where you have an opportunity to improve. More than 500 retailers have used them to improve their shops in the past two years, many of which have reported great results.

The categories are designed to be modular so you can do each on its own and build up a picture of your total shop. Walk your shop and tick only what you can see evidence of, don’t expect to tick them all – that’s not the idea. Use those which you can’t tick to create your to-do list of improvements. Share the detail of this in the additional information section and upload photos or documents in the file upload section at the bottom of each page.

Benchmarking is now closed for 2017, although you can still use the form to learn about your strengths and opportunities to improve. It’s worth putting in the time and it’ll get you ahead ready for next year!

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