How will Tesco's new discounter, Jack's, impact retailers?

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My guess is that c-stores will not be too badly affected by this

Clearly Tesco wants to claw back a slice of the 13% market share the big discounters now have. In a way, discount supermarkets are based on a cannibalistic business model – it’s about trying to consume the business your competitors already have. 

“My guess is that convenience retailers will not be too badly affected by this: the pressure will be on the big discounters.”

John Lee, head of policy and public affairs, SGF

“The move into discounters is a big one for Tesco, but for independents close to the new sites, the game remains the same – offer something that the competition doesn’t, or better still, can’t.

“Retailers that find a Jack’s on their doorstep may need to bring in new services that the local area is missing to show their value to the community.”   

Chris Dillon, editor – insight, Newtrade 

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By Retail Express 21 Sep, 2018



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