How PayPoint One EPoS Pro helped two retailers

PayPoint One EPoS Pro
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PayPoint has unveiled a new service available on its PayPoint One platform, as well as a free mobile app to help retailers manage their stores. teamed up with PayPoint to visit two retailers in Yorkshire to see how the new system has helped them get closer to their customers, manage their stock better and improve their businesses.

"I would definitely advise other retailers to get on board with the new system. It’s a no-brainer really. It has more features than any other EPoS system I’ve used in the past and is more advanced.

"My business has definitely benefited in the two months and I can only see it improving in the future as time goes on. I am confident it will have the same benefit on other retailers who try it out, if they haven’t done so already."
Ken Singh, Mill Hill Store, Pontefract

“I have two tills and the cloud storage system helps a lot. I don’t have to combine two different sets of sales data into one as PayPoint One EPoS Pro automatically adds them together in the cloud. I’m not as restricted here like I would be with other EPoS systems.”
Muhammed Rana, Poplar Stores, Huddersfield

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By betterRetailing ⁣ 24 Nov, 2017


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  • By Mark Stubbs 25 Nov, 2017

    All decent epos systems add till totals together and much more.
    They have done this for years. The only difference is the cloud storage.

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