How digital media screens can increase your sales by 15%

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Convenience retailers are boosting their sales by 15% by introducing digital screens that change depending on the time of day in their shop windows.

The screens display adverts from leading brands, promote shopper missions at different times of the day and show adverts specific to the symbol group of the retailer.

The advert images are downloaded automatically from the company’s server and promotion cycles change every two weeks.

Jonathan Daniels, managing partner of Hi Street Digital Media, the company behind the screens, told Retail Express that the adverts can be changed to quickly react to changes in weather and can promote seasonal events as well.

“We connect to a retailers’ EPoS data so we’re sure that the screens are promoting what the retailer stocks. We notify our retailers two weeks in advance of the changes in promotions,” he added.

The screens are also synchronised with the opening hours of each store, so they turn on as the shop opens and off when it closes.

Retailers are not charged for the service and are not liable for the equipment. The screens are bolted to the floor in the shop window within five weeks of initial contact.

The concept is currently operating in 250 stores across the country, but Hi Street Digital Media has ambitions to be sited in 3,000 stores in three years.

“We know that at the point of entering the store, the shopper is most open to influencing their mission,” Daniels said.

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By Chris Dillon 19 Mar, 2017



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