Are you ready for these five big trends in 2017?

Here are the five big trends that convenience store owners should be aware of for 2017. These trends include chickpea snacks, coconuts and liquid breakfasts

Keeping an eye on trends will help you keep your store interesting for your shoppers.

Here are five things identified by the Independents United 2017 Food and Beverage Trends report to watch out for this year.

  1. Chickpeas to replace potato crisps. Brands like Hippeas are stealing market share from classic crisps. The brand reached revenues of more than £28m last year and launched into 18,500 stores.
  2. The end of traditional carbs? Last year Cauli-rice, rice made from cauliflower, raised £1m in crowdfunding, posing a threat to traditional carbohydrate brands like Uncle Ben’s and Napolina. The product has 75% fewer calories than rice and is gluten free and microwaveable.
  3. Liquid breakfasts. This year, brands like Fuel10K and and Up&Go have continued to make strides in the breakfast market as shoppers’ busy lives draw them away from breakfast at the table. Sales of Coffiest shot up by 300% last year proving that these products are becoming increasingly mainstream.
  4. Year of the coconut. In the past 10 years, demand for coconuts has soared by 500%. Products like Ape Snacks, Lucy B, Coco Pro, Lovo and Twisted Halo are riding off the back of this success.
  5. Waste to become mainstream. With one third of the world’s food production going to waste each year, there is more interest than ever in reducing these levels. Waste-based restaurants could become mainstream. What can you do to promote the ways you reduce waste?


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