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The Co-op’s interest and investment in independent retailing will increase what customers expect when they set foot in convenience stores.

This means we have to view our stores differently too.

We will be given access to the same margins, lines, own brand produce, support and technology that was previously the preserve of only the biggest brands in grocery retail.

I’m excited not just as a retailer, but as a customer as well. I do as much of my grocery shopping in my own store as possible in order to understand what other customers may be looking for and not finding. Usually, when I do find myself walking the aisles elsewhere, it is to buy chilled goods (especially the Co-op’s butter chicken pizza).

The new support on offer means I will be able to fulfil more of my needs in store and this will translate to fulfilling more of my customers' needs as well.

Nisa and Co-op respond to regulator's approval

However, to really make the most of this opportunity, I need to change how I approach retail. This will involve pivoting our businesses to being fresh-led rather than ambient.

To do this it’s not just ranging that needs to be reassessed, it’s deliveries, marketing, logistics, layouts, staffing and customer service as well. It’s all about the execution. We need to be willing to make large store investments to make this happen.

We’d previously held off on investment in our store while the deal was going through, but now is the right time. Refrigeration will be a huge part of this. While adding more metres of chiller space is a long-established trend in convenience, this will be the first time for many shops that they achieve parity with their local multiple-owned c-store in terms of chilled space.

One of the questions I’m always asked when I discuss the change is: “Aren’t you concerned about ranging the same lines as the Co-op down the road?” My answer is that even if the products are the same (and most stores now range similar products anyway), I can promise you that the service in my store will be better, so which one would you pick?

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By Jack Courtez Avatar
By Jack Courtez 12 May, 2018


  • By Harjinder Dhasee
    By Harjinder Dhasee 20 Jun, 2018

    Mr. Harj Dhasee, has put his name to this article and is not a keyboard warrior.

    Why not come and have this discussion his face or make yourself visiable by adding your name.

    I may run a small little shop (which sadly isn't on a corner).

    The Dhasee family doesn't bang on about other business operation or their 7 retail units.

    It's seems that you see the end of retail and will be leaving the retail business so I wish you good luck, however if you wish to sell please give me a call

    Good day

    Mr. Harj Dhasee

  • By Nisa Partner 11 Jun, 2018

    So the cat is out of the bag and as usual Mr Dhasee was talking rubbish.
    The CoOp have published the initial own label range that will be available to Nisa retailers along with the pricing.
    Unfortunately the range does not include Butter Chicken Pizza so we are all doomed.
    But what does sound alarm bells is that the CoOp expect us to be working on margins as little as they have offered, some as low as 2%, some below cost.
    It seems to me we have all been fooled and sold our business on the back of a load of promises without guarantees and now we are being sold down the river.

  • By Real retailer 16 May, 2018

    The coop haven’t released any information regarding the future pricing, ranging and margins. How does all mr dhasee create all his spin?

    The future of retailing is sadly being steered by these halfwits who play shop but have no trie knowledge of the cutting edge of retailing.

    I’ve never read so much drivel mr dhasee

  • By Nisa Partner 16 May, 2018

    Does Mr Dhasee have insider knowledge of the CoOp offer?
    He states that we will have access to the same margins and lines that was only previously available to the biggest names in Retail.
    How does he know such information. The CoOp have not informed anyone yet of what their proposition is yet. I think Mr Dhasee is talking out his proverbial backside as usual.
    He is claimed to be an expert in Retailing, yet he runs a small village store where his nearest competition is over 5 miles away.
    He seems to be a person who seeks the spotlight of the press and the adulation of fellow retailers.
    In all honesty Mr Dhasee if the future for Nisa retailers revolves around Butter Chicken Pizza, I don’t think the future is very bright.

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