Government’s Brexit retail impact report does not list a single impact of Brexit

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The Government’s long-awaited Brexit impact report does not include a single example of how Brexit could impact the UK retail industry.

The 15-page Retail Sector Report includes a description of the sector and a list of EU laws that apply to it. The views of retailers was sought by the Brexit Committee “but the Committee has decided not to publish this section".

The only comment the document gives on the Government’s aims for the retail sector during Brexit negotiations is: “The Government has been clear that it is seeking pragmatic and innovative solutions.”

The British Retail Consortium slammed the document, with the organisation’s EU policy adviser William Bain stating that the report did not “provide any data or analysis at all on the future”.

Bain added that losing tariff-free trade could increase food prices and lead to staff shortages in manufacturing, farming, wholesale and retail that would make it hard to get goods on the shelves and out to consumers.

Brexit secretary David Davis promised to carry out Brexit impact assessments for 58 UK sectors. However, when forced to reveal the documents by a vote in Parliament, Davis was forced to admit the documents did not exist.

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By Jack Courtez Avatar
By Jack Courtez 05 Jan, 2018



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