Gender pay gap widens across top 22 wholesale, convenience and symbol groups

Gender pay gap widens
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The gender pay gap has widened in 50% of the top 22 wholesale, convenience retail and symbol groups in the UK.

Less than a third made progress in reducing the median hourly wage difference between male and female staff. 

Booker Ltd’s median hourly wage gap widened to 18.4%, while Costcutter’s increased to 40.3%.

Costcutter CEO Darcy Willson-Rymer claimed the collapse of Palmer & Harvey had meant it was not possible to provide the intended focus on the gender pay gap. 

Booker CEO Charles Wilson said there was  “more work to do”.

Part staff-owned wholesaler Parfetts was the only firm where the average hourly wage was equal.

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By Jack Courtez Avatar
By Jack Courtez 15 Apr, 2019



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