IAA Stars 2017: Effective Ranging in association with Coca Cola European Partners

Effective Ranging IAA star Dave Hiscutt
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Category Star 2017: Dave Hiscutt, Londis Westham Road, Weymouth

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Dave understands the power of data: he use his own and set up a collaborative initiative with other retailers to pool data from shops up and down the country so he can see what’s selling well in different locations.

Dave also used the Booker core programme to hone and improve his range. He also gets feedback from online customers as well as those in-store. This helps him make informed decisions about new products to stock.

Dave's desire to create growth across core and new categories means he's bold enough to try new things but is always backed by data. It's a formula that has led to his success.


·       Alpesh & Bimal Patel, Londis Ferme Park Road, London

·       Dave Hiscutt, Londis Westham Road, Weymouth

·       Meryl & David Williams, Pike's Newsagents, Porthmadog

·       Robert Kirkwood, The Corner Shop Convenience Store (Premier Express), Crossgates

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