How can stocking craft soft drinks increase your sales?

How can stocking craft soft drinks increase your sales? | Retail Express
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Investing in a range of craft soft drinks can help retailers increase profit in the soft drinks category, with a growing number of shoppers looking to try something new.

Melvin Jay, chief executive officer and founder at craft brand Gunna Drinks, said: “Craft beers have reignited consumer passion for beer, with the average price per litre for craft beer being 44% higher than standard lager – there is the same potential here for craft drinks.”

Therefore, the category can afford retailers a higher margin, with it on average commanding a 20% price premium compared to its mainstream counterparts.

“Our Pink Punk variety (Raspberry and Lemon) is a bestseller at the moment. It used to be our original, but we have noticed a growing preference for fruity flavours,” he added.

To make the most out of this, Jay said independents should dedicate a section of their soft drinks chiller to craft options to make it easier for shoppers to find it.

“Craft soft drinks mainly appeal to the millennial demographic and for those looking for an alternative to alcohol. By ranging it alongside drinks such as San Pellegrino, retailers can make the most out of sales.”

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By Priyanka Jethwa Avatar
By Priyanka Jethwa 01 Oct, 2018



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