Costcutter reveals details of its Co-op own-brand rollout

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Costcutter retailers will be able to order Co-op own branded lines from 16 July onwards, according to Costcutter CEO Darcy Willson-Rymer.

The symbol group boss told Retail Express that 800 lines will be introduced across the following 12 weeks, with thousands more Co-op own label products to follow. The news follows the introduction of the first Co-op branded lines into Nisa stores last week.

Willson-Rymer said the full range will initially mirror Nisa’s access to Co-op’s own label, but bespoke ranging would follow. Research by Costcutter revealed that 90% of its shoppers are “looking forward to accessing Co-op own label in Costcutter stores”. Asked about the addition of Co-op own label, 43% said they will be visiting Costcutter stores more often and 46% saying they would spend more per trip.

However, with the new products comes a new set of rules for Costcutter retailers, to be enforced by test visits by the Co-op. These rules include only displaying stock in a good condition, displaying country of origins, not pricing Co-op lines above a maximum price point, stricter temperature checks on chilled goods, removal of stock from shelves following best before date, product recall compliance, notifying customers of how to contact the Co-op and not accepting Co-op membership cards.

In addition, Costcutter retailers can only stock a Nisa’s Heritage line if there is no Co-op own label alternative. The CEO said this was to make ranging simple for the customer.

The arrival of the Co-op own label goods marks the end of a long wait for Costcutter retailers, with delays to the Co-op supply deal previously frustrating store owners. If ordered by Costcutter retailers on 16 July, the first deliveries of Co-op own label goods will land in stores on 18 July. 

Willson-Rymer said the company is now “looking to the future” following an “extremely difficult” year in which it lost 424 stores. Willson-Rymer said the company needed to “rebuild retailer trust” following the previous availability issues both before and after the collapse of its wholesale partner P&H.

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By Jack Courtez 04 Jul, 2018



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