BREAKING: Smiths News to close Pass My Parcel

Smith News’ Parent Company to Close Pass My Parcel
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Smiths News is to shut down its Pass My Parcel service after announcing a “very disappointing” financial performance.

Newly-released results predicted that Pass My Parcel would make an even larger loss than last year due to decreased margins. Smiths News said it would “wind down its associated network of local retailers”. 

Revenues at the company’s B2B delivery service, Tuffnells, dived 12.3% and is now also predicted to make a second consecutive loss. Its core early distribution arm, including news wholesaling, also suffered a £30m revenue drop.

East Lothian store owner Ferhan Ashiq stands to lose the 15 customers who set foot in store each day for Pass My Parcel services. He said: “The results show there’s a danger of news wholesale collapse that would severely harm all involved. Publishers may not want to step in but if they don’t, they will be next.”

John Vine from NewsWorld in Church Stretton said the company’s financial performance is relative to the level of customer service retailers receive. “If their customer service was a 10 two years ago, it’d be a two now,” he added.

As a result of the poor results, CEO Mark Cashmore is to step down after nearly 12 years in charge. Chief Financial Officer David Bauernfeind left “with immediate effect” and was replaced by former Yodel CFO Tony Grace.

Asked what his advice would be for the incoming CEO and CFO, Vine said: “Sort out the customer service. If I lose money, Smiths loses money. 

“Retailers and wholesalers working together is the only way to turn the company’s fortunes around.” 

Pass My Parcel launched in 2014 to bring a click & collect service to independents.

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By betterRetailing ⁣ Avatar
By betterRetailing ⁣ 13 Jun, 2018


  • By Bob Smart 27 Jul, 2018

    Smiths News once again trying to get something done on the cheap. I am so glad that this venture has bitten them in the backside. Their policy of sticking the deliveries with contractors for no more gelt or a pittance 'coz you're going there anyway' coupled with their lies on maximum parcel sizes was an affront to hard working contractors who had already felt the sharp edge of Smiths austerity sword. Tuffnels next.

  • By David Lomas 20 Jun, 2018

    I'm gutted! Not only does this bring in very easy revenue, it also constantly brings in new customers who then return. I can't say exactly how much we'll lose financially, but it won't be easy to replace.

  • By Kumar Patel 15 Jun, 2018

    We just signed up last month and they came in last week to do the training. Crazy!

  • By AJ Hashmi 15 Jun, 2018

    An excellent idea on paper. It should be very easy to run but as Smiths are involved it would only go one way. They are by far the worst company we deal with. Late papers, missing titles, poor customer service the list goes on. It is a shame as the concept is brilliant it’s the execution by Smiths which is to blame.

  • By james dekin 15 Jun, 2018

    with 4 or five vans going 50 miles to mk to pick up parcels instead of one lorry which sits in a tuffnell yard for 6 month doing nothing then taking 3 or 5 parcels from mk to brighton and bournmouth in 2 vans there is only going to be one outcome

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