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COCA-COLA European Partners (CCEP) has unveiled its plans to become a ‘total beverage company’ by launching products in every segment of the soft drinks market.

As well as launching new Coke Zero Sugar and Diet Coke flavours, CCEP is launching plant-based drink Adez, as well as extending its Honest brand with two coffee varieties – Mocha and Latte.

Adez will be available in three flavours, Amazing Almond Mango-Passionfruit, Mighty Oat Strawberry-Banana and Courageous Coconut Berry.

CCEP is also providing planograms and improving its distribution to make it easier for independent retailers to stock its products.

The company is offering retailers 25,000 chillers this year, which is a 40% increase compared to 2017.

It will also triple its field sales visits, making 750,000 visits this year.

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