What to stock 

Christmas is a key period for driving sales in the wine category, with a 5.1% growth in alcohol sales last year versus the year before1. In preparation for the increase in demand and to ensure all tastes are covered, retailers need to make sure they have a wide variety of products available to shoppers, including sparkling, red, white and rosé. Pernod Ricard UK provides a wide range of core and premium wines, which offer competitive RRPs across its three bestselling brands: Campo Viejo, Brancott Estate and Jacob’s Creek.

How to stock it

You can drive sales by expanding your range to ensure it meets consumer demands for wine this Christmas. You need to make sure you are reflecting consumer trends in your range, as shoppers increasingly expect to find popular white wine brands in the chiller and key reds on display, to make impulse purchases easier. 

Top tips

  1. Stock popular household names, such as Campo Viejo, which is the number-one red wine line in the UK. It is the biggest Spanish brand on the market, accounting for 16% of sales and 45% of Rioja sales in the UK2. 
  2. Increase basket spend by giving greater prominence to premium wines. For example, Brancott Estate Terroir Series is growing at 62.5%2 and out-performing the category. Also, Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel, which is up 27%2, can command a higher-than-average price, making it more profitable for the retailer.
  3. Be sure to have a large range of the most popular grape varieties offered by your bestselling brands. The top five choices among consumers are: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Shiraz and Merlot2.

Where to stock it

Due to the increase in demand for alcohol during the festive season, retailers need to dedicate more shelf space to wines at key traffic areas to ensure they benefit from the uplift in Christmas sales.  ​​​​​​​

Top tips

  1. Make sure your key brands are featured at eye-level, with more facings of popular brands and ensure that your bestsellers are located in high-visibility locations to drive sales. ​​​​​​​
  2. Display all products from the same brands together. This will introduce customers to other options they may not have realised were available.  
  3. Make sure sparkling wines are given more prominence than normal, in order to maximise Christmas and New Year sales, as these lines are more popular at this time of year.

Equipment needed

Retailers should dedicate more space to wine to maximise the uplift in the wine category, on the shop floor and in the chillers.​​​​​​​

  1. Increase the floor space for display cases to encourage volume sales.

  2. Provide additional space required for sparkling wines in the chillers to encourage impulse purchases.

Now shout about it

  1. Highlight award-winning products to customers by using PoS, with images of Campo Viejo Reserva and Tempranillo with Bronze International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) award, Brancott Estate Terroir SB and Classic Sauvignon Blanc with Silver IWSC awards, and Jacob’s Creek Cabernet Sauvignon with Decanter Bronze award.  ​​​​​​​
  2. PoS or cards are great ways of drawing customers’ attention and making the product stand out.
  3. Social media is invaluable for showing your customers what you have available in store

How I do it

Meten Lankhain
St Mary’s Supermarket,
Premier, Southampton 

We price wine above the RRP because it’s not an everyday seller, but more of a weekend thing. This month, for example, we have a promotion on sparkling wine and prosecco. Sales in this category are boosted during seasonal times, such as Christmas and New Year. You should focus on the bestselling lines and be prepared for increased demand during holiday seasons. 

1 Kantar Worldpanel 09.01.2018
2Nielsen MAT 08.09.18