LSS 2019 Local Shop Summit

Local Shop Summit 2019

Among many other useful takeaways, LSS 2019 proved that making your convenience store more profitable and better for the environment doesn’t have to be difficult. Here, we gather together everything you might have missed on the day.

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Keynote speeches

Here are crucial lessons from the keynote speakers, and how you can implement them in your business today:

Peter Doyle

Get Twitter right – don’t just broadcast, engage

Pete Doyle’s keynote pulled apart some of the myths surrounding Twitter, showing how the platform can and is being used by smaller, independent businesses to connect with their customers.

The key take home was the importance of finding the time to have you or one of your staff manage your profile effectively and communicate with your shoppers. One simple way to do this is to send a simple introductory message to any new followers.

Translate good customer service practice in your store to Twitter. If a customer has an enquiry do your best to answer quickly, and always ask if they need any more assistance.

The other lesson was not to become too obsessed with your number of followers, and instead focus on have a small, engaged local following. Hollywood celebrities are unlikely to shop in your store. Instead look for local influencers, perhaps journalists at a local paper, and engage with them.

Andrew Thornton

Plastic-free isn’t just a fantasy
Andrew Thornton at Local Shop Summit 2019

The attention falling on environmentalist celebrities such as David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg means sustainability concerns are growing in shoppers’ thoughts. Plastic in particular has captured attention, with more people looking to cut down the amount they use.

In his keynote speech, Andrew Thornton from Thornton’s Budgens in Belsize Park explained how there are now almost 30 plastic free zones in his store, allowing his customers to do a weekly shop without picking up any plastic.

This is something you can start to work on in your store today. According to Thornton, the journey starts with research, and finding out which suppliers can offer products in plastic free packaging. An even simpler first step could be replacing any plastic bags (say in your fruit and veg section), with paper. This would make a clear, tangible change you can explain to your customers.

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