Mads Mikkelsen teams up with Carlsberg Export in £15m 'The Danish Way' campaign

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Convenience retailers can give their shoppers free drinks glasses and Danish-inspired prizes, as Carlsberg Export teams up with Mads Mikkelsen for a new campaign.

The £15m campaign includes adverts that show the Casino Royale star explaining why Denmark is regularly voted as one of the happiest nations.

The TV advert will run until May 15 from April 21 and will also be shown in cinemas for three months.

Social media activity using the hashtag #TheDanishWay will promote extra videos of Mikkelsen talking about how the Danes live.

The company has also partnered with Shazam to encourage users to take a photo of Carlsberg Export glasses to find out more about Denmark and 'hygge', which is the Danish notion of enjoying life's simple pleasures.

Liam Newton, vice president of marketing for Carlsberg, said the brand's redeisgn and campaign aimed to stem the decline of standard beer and bring younger consumers back to the category.

"Some consumers see mainstream lager as all the same. We know it's important for shoppers to be aware of the heritage of the brands they consume," he added.

Watch the clip:

By Chris Dillon Avatar
By Chris Dillon 20 Apr, 2017



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