Bebeto adds vegan lines to core 150g bag range

Fizzy Peach Hearts and Fizzy Ring Mix are also halal

bebeto vegan

Bebeto has added two vegan lines, Fizzy Vegan Peach Hearts and Fizzy Vegan Ring Mix, to its core 150g bag range.

The Peach Hearts are soft heart-shaped sweets with a fizzy coating, while Ring Mix are chewy, gummy ring-shaped sweets with a fizzy coating in strawberry, apple and raspberry flavours. Both varieties are also halal.

Kervan Gida expands Bebeto range with Just Bears launch

The supplier says the new launches are ideal for a range of occasions, such as being on the go, at picnics or festivals, or simply enjoying at home.

They join Bebeto’s existing range of 150g bags, alongside Big Mix, Strawberries, Big Fizzy Mix, Watermelons and Just Bears.

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