Three in four retailers see higher sales for Asian-inspired snacks during events and occasions

New research from PepsiCo reveals the savoury snacks opportunity during the run-up to Diwali and other seasonal events, like Christmas


PepsiCo has launched new research under its Kurkure brand, one of the biggest salty snack brands in Asia1, which reveals the opportunity for retailers in the savoury snacks category during the run-up to Diwali and other celebrations, such as Christmas.

Research shows that 75% of retailers believe events and occasions benefit their Asian-inspired savoury snacking sales2. The top two occasions with the biggest impact on sales are Christmas and nights in2, meaning many retailers are gearing up to potentially see an uplift in purchases for Asian-inspired snacks in the coming months.

PepsiCo and its Kukure brand celebrate the diversity of modern Britain while bringing the rich heritage of Asian cuisine to savoury snacking, so stocking such brands is key for retailers looking to bolster sales.

The research also highlights the importance of seasonal festivals, such as Eid and Diwali, on the sales of savoury snacks. Savoury snacks are one of the supplier’s top-selling categories during Eid and Diwali, even before confectionery, cakes and biscuits2.

With the 2022 World Cup only a matter of weeks away, retailers could have a significant increase in the sales of Kurkure, as 22% of retailers claim major sporting events boost their Asian-inspired savoury snacks sales too2.

Since the launch of Kurkure flavours, Naughty Tomato and Masala Munch, in the UK last year, more retailers are stocking Asian-inspired snacks.

PepsiCo’s latest research under its Kurkure brand has found that, out of the retailers surveyed, one-in-two convenience retailers now stock Asian-inspired savoury snacks, and this is growing rapidly, while 22% have noticed a rise in demand from customers for Asian-inspired savoury snacks2.

Annabel Lewis, Kurkure brand manager at PepsiCo, said: “The findings of this new research demonstrate the demand from shoppers, and therefore the opportunity for retailers, to stock authentic Asian-inspired savoury snacks consumers can enjoy together.

“Having already established itself as a well-loved brand among retailers and consumers abroad, PepsiCo’s latest insights showcase the sales opportunity for Asian-inspired snacks in the UK, especially for those all-important sharing occasions.”

Both flavours of Kurkure are available in 100g packs with an RRP of £1 and in 80g price-marked packs with an RRP of £1 for the convenience channel.

1Kurkure is the third largest brand in the entire salty snacking landscape in India (source: Insights industry construct, Nielsen, PGM) Kurkure is 8.5% of the total salty snacks category (Euromonitor Report June 2021)

2KAM Research, Kurkure Convenience Retailer Survey, August 2022


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