Are you making the most of flavoured milk drinks?

Do you have these top flavoured-milk profit drivers in your chillers?

Flavoured milk milkshake

Retailers are earning bigger profits from the top selling flavoured milk drinks in 2022 than they were last year, according to our annual What to Stock data, meaning it’s prime time to check your soft drinks range and ensure you’re profiting as much as possible.

In 2021, the top profit-driving line was Yazoo Strawberry 1l, bringing retailers average weekly profits of £1.56 per store. This year, the top profit driver is Delamere Strawberry 500ml, bringing stores weekly profits of £1.86 on average. That’s followed by two Yazoo lines, the 400ml Strawberry and Chocolate bottles, earning stores an average £1.70 and £1.55 per week respectively.

Pack sizes are important to note here. Last year, two of the top three profit drivers were 1l bottles from Yazoo. This year, all three are 500ml bottles or less, perhaps showing that as normality returns post-pandemic, on-the-go formats are important in this category. One litre bottles are still profitable and shouldn’t be ignored, however, Yazoo’s 1l Strawberry is earning stores £1.48 per week, on average.

Yazoo Strawberry 400ml
Delamere Strawberry 500ml
Yazoo Chocolate 400ml

Also worth noting is the brands here. While last year there was only one Delamere line in the top sellers overall, this year, the company’s Chocolate and Banana lines have entered the top 10 in third and seventh place, respectively.

There are other key brands worth noting as well, which could allow you to reach a broader customer base, with lines from Mars, Galaxy, Maltesers and more earning stores profits in our top-25 bestsellers overall.

From pack sizes to brands, getting the flavoured milk category right can be a great way to add some extra sales to your drinks range. What to Stock 2022 contains comprehensive data on the category, showing where stores like yours are profiting, the biggest sellers, and the average price other stores are charging.


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