OPINION: US confectionery is a massive opportunity – Natalie Lightfoot

'While it’s hard to get hold of the same stock all the time, that actually works in our favour because it keeps our offer interesting'

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I’ve spoken in the past of the benefits of stocking US confectionery in our store and it still applies because global confectionery is something that really appeals to the children and adults in our area.

We’ve got a lot of schools near us, so we wanted things that would appeal to the schoolkids, but we’ve found that adults are just as keen to buy these products. We make sure they’re different every time customers come in. We’ve turned ourselves into a bit of an Aladdin’s cave for it.

We don’t put them near the till because we don’t need to. They’re not an impulse purchase. Instead, the US confectionery has its own little corner and it really stands out. We’re now well known for it in the area. If people want something after school or on the way to the cinema, they come to us.

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These are products you’re not going to find in a supermarket, so it’s been really good for building up a name for ourselves. There are loads of stores that are doing the same thing even better than me, but doing this is keeping my store in people’s minds.

The popular lines are always kept in because that’s what people come in and ask for. But while it’s hard to get hold of the same stock all the time, that actually works in our favour because it keeps our offer interesting.

People will come to see if you’ve got something new in. They can also have a look at our US section online and get it delivered via Snappy Shopper. I try to put out fresh posts on social media as well to keep it in people’s minds.

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We use Facebook and Instagram and dress the store so we can show off that good range. People have questioned whether you can keep getting new products in, but it happens naturally.

A recent success was Lotus Biscoff KitKat Chunkies from Dubai. It’s being sold through Booker Retail Partners at the moment. We got hold of them before and they flew out. I look around all the cash and carries to find these products. There are a few in Glasgow that are great – some deliver and some don’t.

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