The value of revisiting past advice

Make a list of ideas, advice and suggestions you have been given over the last two or three years that you did not take up or embrace. I’m talking here specifically about relating to your business.

Go on, make a list. Yes, write them down! From the smallest idea to the biggest. Be honest – no editing, just go for it freestyle.

Once you are certain you have the full list, put it away for a few days. Then, after a break from thinking about what you have not done, sit down and reconsider the ideas, advice and suggestions. Did you pass on something worthwhile? Or did you pass for good reason.

Too often we dismiss an idea and neglect to check in at a later stage to see if it was worthwhile or if circumstances have changed to make it worthwhile now.

It could be that you have an idea from a while back that is perfect for you today and all you have to do is dig it up.

What advice have you been given that has changed your business? Leave your comments below.


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