The supermarkets’ secret tactics this autumn

This week Greg Wallace’s Supermarket Secrets covers Autumn. If you are interested in how retail works this second episode in the series is a must watch programme and you can catch up with it on the BBC iPlayer. It is an insight into the huge scale that food distribution has become.

The Autumn programme tells the story of how Sainsburys are leading a big change in how British orchards are delivering more apples to consumers for up to 9 months of the year. I think that the science behind this development is great. Sainsburys are also featured in bringing a new breed of chicken to their shelves.

The programme also covers the science of store layout, pies, pumpkins and dark dot.com store. The Tesco internet picking centre reminded me of a visit that I made to the WHSmith distribution centre in Swindon in the mid 1970s, it’s all about location picking, computers and conveyors.

The next programme is going to be about Christmas so watch out for that one in December. If you missed the Autumn programme you can still watch it here until 6th November.


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