The Platinum Jubilee: how are these three retailers preparing for the extra bank holiday?

The betterRetailing team finds out what retailers are expecting for the Platinum Jubilee bank holiday and how they are preparing

Platinum Jubilee bank holiday celebrations

1Christine Hope, Hopes of Longtown, Herefordshire

“There’s a village event and two community events happening over the Jubilee long weekend, so we’re going to be supporting those. We’ll have the bunting out, but we won’t go all out in a massive way – at least that’s where we are now. The most important thing for us will be staying open for the entire weekend. That’s what our customers will want, so that’s what we’re going for. We’ll have a tent or two as well.

“I don’t think it will be like a normal bank holiday. It’s going to be a mixed bag and will be massively weather-dependent. As a result, we’ll have to be flexible to avoid any potential waste over the weekend. Local suppliers will be very important for ordering extra stock if it’s needed. That will allow us to respond to meet demand. The core for this weekend will be the ability to be quick on our feet, whether it’s dealing with very short supply chains in the week or reacting to the weather.”

2Harj Dhasee, Village Stores, Mickleton, Gloucestershire

“I’m on the village committee and we’re doing a full beacon lighting for it. One early in the evening for the children and one later for the rest of the village. There will be music, all the clubs will be opening up their doors and all the societies will be in the village hall. The gardeners will also be opening up their allotments.

“On the Saturday, we’re having a big party in the field and a football match. We’re expecting 3,000 people for that. And then on Sunday, we’re doing a street food event – a sort of high tea. So, we are expecting it to be a busy weekend. And we will be open throughout it all.

“We’re going to approach it like a normal bank holiday and stock appropriately. It will be different, though. For a start, it’s running from Thursday to Sunday. But, like any bank holiday, demand will be driven by the weather.”

3Joe Williams, The Village Shop, Hook Norton, Oxfordshire

“We’re carrying on as normal. The village is organising something around the Jubilee, so we’ll be donating things to that. We’ll decorate the store with bunting and PoS, and we’ll be treating it like the Easter bank holiday. I can’t see a lot of people going away for the Platinum Jubilee. There will be lots of events on locally, particularly in and around the village, so I don’t think people will be going elsewhere. It’s not a weekend leading into school holidays – you’ve got school either side of it, so I think people will stay where they are.

“It also depends on the weather. We’re hoping for some hot weather, which will draw people out. People are going to be more prepared in terms of street parties, but it’s looking at the knock-on sales we’ll have as a result. More than anything, it’s about us being there for the community. My staff are going to be working, but it’s about getting us involved and playing our part.”

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