OPINION: Londis retailer Jeet Bansi on how to boost sales

With Christmas been and gone how do we move forward and embrace the challenges upon us and boost sales?

New Year – New Start

With Christmas been and gone how do we move forward and embrace the challenges upon us?

I am sure most retailers will agree that the start of the year can be slow and may prove challenging in terms of getting your customers to part with the last of their pre-Christmas cash and boost sales. Here are a couple of ideas:

Is your store located near a school?

Ask yourself if you can prepare ‘cookery packs’ for pupils. It’s something that you can have ready with all the ingredients required for that week’s classes, whereby children can simply come and collect or they can even be delivered to the school. And just imagine the opportunity this may bring in terms of added footfall.


Look at your promotions. Analyse what you are promoting. What are you doing that is different to your competitors? Remember your customers may be on a budget and looking for value for money, especially at this time of year when money can be tight:

  • Is the PoS displayed clearly?
  • Does it highlight the potential savings to be had?
  • Who is the product aimed at – the impulse shopper or as a distressed purchase?

Finally don’t miss out on repeat sales – talk to your customers at the point of conducting the transaction. Highlight the value for money that the promotional items bring. Stress how long the promotion lasts for so the consumer remembers and is able to come back to repurchase.

I hope these tips will assist you and help you keep your trade booming. Remember the point of difference and quality of service will help you in keeping your customers happy and their custom local.

*To read Jeet’s tips on Valentines Day sales ideas and the key questions to ask your customers, be sure to read your copy of Retail Express on February 11.


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