The advantages of stocking fresh fruit and vegetables

It is vitally important that fresh fruit and vegetables become one of your mainstays.

Fresh fruit and vegetables have the following benefits:

* They add colour to your store

* They are cheap to stock

* They make your store look clean and fresh

* They give people a reason to shop with you

It is very important to ensure that your fruit and vegetables are always fresh. Check them twice a day and do not be afraid to throw away anything you would not buy yourself. If you would not be prepared to buy it, why expect someone else to?

It may seem like a lot of wastage initially, but as your reputation for fresh produce grows, your sales will also grow and less wastage will follow.

Keeping fruit and vegetables fresh for as long as possible is a challenge, particularly in warmer climates. We dedicate an entire display fridge to the task. Done properly, fruit and vegetable displays can be one of the most attractive elements of your store and a real customer acquisition and retention tool.

Fruit and vegetables really do add colour to a store.

A useful guide for retailers is produced by the Network for a Healthy California; it’s a comprehensive manual for stocking and selling fruit and vegetables.

This post is an extract from the e-book ‘So, you want to run a convenience store?’ by Peter Lamb. It is available for free download here.


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