Sweet treats: Grow your confectionery sales

betterRetailing, along with Mars Wrigley Confectionery’s merchandising expert, Sean Thacker, and retail mentor Trudy Davies, visit two local retailers to help them increase their confectionery sales in a matter of weeks

Expert advice 

Sean Thacker
Field Sales Representative,
Mars Wrigley Confectionery

“Yogi’s shop has so much potential for confectionery sales. He has a gondola fixture opposite the door, which is perfect for high-visibility displays. By adding a half-shelf fixture to his main chocolate display, Yogi can double the product range he offers his customers.”

Mentor advice

Trudy Davies
Woosnam & Davies News,
Llanidloes, Powys

“Yogi’s shop is small but perfectly formed. An amazing advantage of this is that the main confectionery fixture is directly opposite the tills. He could use this as a ‘treat’ zone, keeping the singles upward facing and neat, luring in those impulse shoppers as they wait in the queue.”

Focus on

Yogi Tatla
Londis Binfield Road,
Bracknell, Berkshire

“I have different shoppers, but everyone buys chocolate, from the multipacks down to the single bars. I do struggle with space, because my shop has a limited amount of shelving for confectionery, but I like to offer as much choice as I can.”

Action Plan 

  1. Visibility: Put bestsellers in prime position and give them multiple facings so they stand out. It’ll encourage shoppers to pick them up.
  2. Vertical blocking: Arrange products in blocks by brand, size and variety, creating a neat display so it’s easy for shoppers to find their favourite treat.
  3. Display: Display share-size chocolate bars horizontally rather than vertically to catch shoppers’ attention and prompt additional purchases.

Focus on

Jason Bushnell
Budgens Mortimer,
Reading, Berkshire

“I already stock a great variety of confectionery, from large sharing bags for people in their cars to single bars by the tills. But I do want to have chocolate immediately visible as people come into the shop. I would like to find ways to invite shoppers in with confectionery.”

Sean advises 

“Jason’s shop is perfect for confectionery sales. He has six large and highly visible gondolas facing the front entrance, which are vital for giving shoppers reasons to buy. With chocolate in a shopper’s basket, their overall spend triples if they spot it early, so it is worth putting it near the entrance.”

Trudy advises

“The shop is large enough to have high-impact displays of confectionery which really sell to shoppers. Jason could put gifting boxes on top shelves as people regularly associate high-value products with high shelving, and consider placing them to the right, as most people naturally reach in that direction.”

Action plan

  1. Impact: Place confectionery near the entrance to grab attention immediately. Shoppers not intending to buy chocolate can be tempted if it’s in their path.
  2. Secondary sitting: Position additional sittings of popular share bags, such as Maltesers Buttons, on gondola ends to give shoppers more opportunities to buy.
  3. Presentation: Chocolate should look enticing to shoppers, so keep your confectionery display neat and clearly priced to make it easy to purchase on impulse.

Mars Wrigley Confectionery’s tips

  1. Confectionery is a sociable treat, so stock up on sharing bags, which are more popular than ever.
  2. Chocolate singles are an impulse purchase, so they should be displayed near the till.
  3. Arrange chocolate neatly and at eye-level so it’s fully visible to shoppers, letting it sell itself.

Trudy’s tips

  1. Position your high-value products to the right as most shoppers will reach in that direction.
  2. Prioritise your bestsellers, arranging them at eye-level and giving them multiple facings.
  3. Arrange vertically by brand so it’s easy for shoppers to find their favourite treat.

What happens next?

Over the next six weeks, Yogi and Jason will follow Sean and Trudy’s bespoke planogram and advice. We’ll track the sales data at both stores to see how the changes affect their sales.    

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