Small changes make for bigger gum sales

Here, we catch up with both retailers to see how the advice and changes from Wrigley and mentor Gaz Bains made have benefited their gum sales.

Back in June we visited two retailers with Wrigley’s field sales representative, Steve Stafford, and retailer mentor Gaz Bains, from Select & Save Belgrave Stores, to look at their gum displays and range, and advise how they could take further advantage of this impulsive category.

Here, we catch up with both retailers to see how the advice and changes made have benefited their gum sales.

Joe Williams’s changes to drive sales

Joe Williams
Retailer Joe Williams, Village Store Hook Norton

Visibility: Increase visibility and impulse purchases by placing a unit on the counter at customer eye level, to increase visibility and impulse purchases.

Range: Cater to customer preferences by extending the chewing gum range and introducing different flavours and formats.

Multi-siting: Encourage customers to think of gum when buying their lunch by putting a new gum display in the sandwich chiller.

Gaz Bains’ Mentor advice

Gaz Bains“Joe has stocked a broader range of gum to suit different customers and Harj has showcased his gum more boldly, and both have achieved a fant-
astic increase in sales. Both retailers now have the tools to continue their success within the category.”

Harj Dhasee’s changes to drive sales

Harj Dhasee
Retailer Harj Dhasee, Nisa Village Shop, Mickleton

Display: Increase impulse purchases by moving the gum to the top of the display so it is in shoppers’ eye lines and minds at the point of purchase.

Bestsellers: Highlight best-selling flavours and formats by introducing an acrylic stand by the till.

Branding: Help customers identify the product and brands they are looking for by placing branding and PoS on the acrylic shelving.

Expert advice from Steve Stafford

Steve Stafford
Field sales representative, Wrigley

“By working with both Joe and Harj to understand their customers and stores, we were able to provide them with tailored solutions that work specifically for them from the many merchandising options we are able to provide. I’m thrilled with the results from both retailers and wish them continued success.”


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