Sell more mags with new advice pack

magazines, premier club, category management, adviceBy now, all independent retailers involved in Smiths News’ magazine promotion scheme Premier Club, will have received the first instalment of the wholesaler’s magazine and newspaper category management advice packs.

The packs provide information on key seasonal categories, launches and promotions, which are updated each month. The pack can also be downloaded each month by the wholesaler’s customers through connect2u.co.uk.

With retailers regularly crying out for assistance from their wholesaler to sell more magazines, and wholesalers not offering as much face-to-face support through their reps as they once did, this advice pack could help to bridge the gap.

It is, of course, too soon to find out whether the pack will be a success, but it will be interesting to find out how helpful it is from any Smiths News retailers who received or downloaded a copy.

Download the pack now by clicking here.


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