Retailers explain how secondary siting is working for them

secondary siting, PoSThis week’s Retail Newsagent ran a useful feature on the opportunity that secondary siting can offer your business. It outline four key action points you can take and don’t forget you can sign up for the Mars secondary siting PoS deal right here on betterRetailng, it only take a minute to fill in your details. The four action points are:

1. Target the high-footfall areas in your shop. Huw Davies, PepsicCo field sales director, points out that 43% of shoppers pick up impulse items such as snacks without visiting the main fixture. Patrick Patel’s Budgens store in Crofton Park, South London has had a great result from a secondary display next to his alcohol section with Mars POS following a visit from the rep. “Customers started buying two bars of chocolate instead of one, I had to increase my order from the wholesaler,” he said.

2. Create a tillpoint-based secondary display. While customers are waiting to be served this really can boost sales, as retailer Kay Patel from Stratford in East London found out: “The permanent addition of the secondary confectionery display has pushed our average confectionery sales value up by 12%”

3. Use secondary siting to create meal deals. Creating a meal deal of sandwiches, crisps and soft drinks for £3 or less is a great way to boost business in these value-conscious times. Retailer Rob Wynne Jones of Golftyn Spar, Flint says: “Our store is next to a college and we get about 300 customers an hour. We started off with a meal deal on Monday, and then expanded the offer through the week as they were selling so well.”

4. Grab customers’ attention with PoS and attractive display solutions. Where possible display solutions such as clip units close to appropriate products such as confectionery or water by newspapers and magazines. A well-planned combination of till and main displays, dumpbins and hanging bags can increase confectionery sales by up to 44% according to Mars research. Philip Patel says that after a three month period implementing PoS material from suppliers, including Pepsico, he saw a 58% rise in his overall crisps and snacks sales.

So the message from retailers is that secondary siting really works, why not try the Mars POS deal here on betterRetailing, try it for yourself and measure your success.


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