Retail Express’ magnificent 7 panel: Bay Bashir on using EPoS

I invested in EPoS exactly two years ago.

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“Is it really worth investing to get EPoS into my shop?”

Bay Bashir

I invested in EPoS exactly two years ago. It was a big decision and I was worried about the computer side of it. But you just get used to it and the more you play around with it the better you get.

It cost me £10,000 to install, but it has already repaid that amount several times over. It’s just had a massive effect. The amount of time it saves you in your business is huge.

Customers really prefer an electronic system rather than written prices. They now look at my staff when they are paying, rather than the prices being entered into the till. Our customer relations are at an all-time high.

One key thing is that promotions are automatically updated. This removes any staff errors which may occur. I tested a product range which was on display on a gondola end at the front of the store and analysed the data using EPoS, which showed sales increased by 47%. I now continue to display the range in that location but I also keep an eye on results to see if anything changes.

If you are unsure whether to get EPoS, my message is this: just get it. There is plenty of support for retailers who are
new to it.

The five key reasons to invest in EPoS

1) Stock control

You can easily keep track of what is and isn’t selling. This will help you refine your range. It also helps you work out how much stock to carry at any particular time.

2) Margins

EPoS makes sure you are making the margin you require

3) Cut out errors

Scanning products saves time and cuts out manual mistakes when entering prices at the till. It also means you don’t have to change the labels on your products

4) Look smart

Your shop looks more professional with printed shelf edge labels

5) Find out your strengths

EPoS tells you how many customers you are serving, as well as basket spend. It also lets you see what your takings are in different categories like cigarettes, alcohol, grocery, fresh, etc.


We’ll be back in the new year with a column from Surrey retailer Peter Lamb.

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