Prepare for barbecue season with P&G

As the weather gets warmer, barbecues and alfresco dining are more popular. P&G are offering a core range, the perfect solution for any summer mishap.

Dishes will be dirtier, floors will be muddier, food smells will travel into the house and clothes will be subject to stains from ketchup to red wine. Not to mention actually cleaning the barbecue.

Shoppers will be looking for high-performance products that will help them clean up their house afterwards and get rid of any stains while preserving the fabric. P&G offers a core range of Home and Fabric Care SKUs which do just that, offering the perfect solution for any summer mishap. With this in mind, the company encourages retailers to stock up now and make the most of summer.

Leigh Tomlinson, Head of Convenience at P&G, commented: “P&G’s top-selling brands provide shoppers with everything they need to face barbecue season head-on. Must-have products include Fairy Power Spray, which fights stubborn stains and grease; Fairy All-in-One Dishwasher Tablets to leave both dishes and dishwashers sparkling; Flash Liquid Gel to rid kitchen and bathroom surfaces of muddy footprints in seconds; and Ariel 3 in 1 Pods to remove stubborn stains after the first wash.”

“If merchandised correctly, the Home and Fabric Care categories can make a real difference to independent retailers’ bottom line during the key sales period that is summer.

To provide additional support, our new and improved online category management tool ShelfHelp offers hands-on advice on how to make the most of barbecue season.”


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