OPINION: What is the future of McColl’s and can it survive its tumbling share price? – Bryan Roberts

With its share price down drastically, could speculation of a deal be what the company needs for long-term stability?

Bryan Roberts
Bryan Roberts is a leading grocery retail and shopping expert

At the precise time of writing, the McColl’s share price stands at 2p, down from around £3 in 2017. This gives it a market capitalisation of around £22m, which, for reference purposes, gives it roughly the same value as one of Jack Grealish’s legs.

There’s no doubt that the business is in a degree of instability, which is a shame considering the huge amount of progress it has made in terms of transitioning away from its legacy newsagent and tobacconist roots.

It has around 1,270 outlets, of which 86% are convenience stores, making it one of the UK’s major operators. The company has assured investors it has enough capital headroom to continue with its transformation programme and, indeed, to continue as a going concern.

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