One year on: Jon is ready for a second campus store

A healthy lifestyle means a healthy business to Jon Greenwood, to such a degree that he is opening a second store on campus. Retail Express caught up with him one year after their first visit.

How is business on campus since we last spoke?

It’s going very well, we’re going from strength-to-strength and we are seeking planning permission to build our second store at York University. If it all goes through in June, we’ll open the 4,500sq ft store the following year to accommodate the new campus and the 2,000 students.   

Are bananas still the biggest seller?

Yes, they’re still our biggest seller and other fresh produce is in our top 10 items as well. Students seem to be a lot healthier than the stereotype. Our alcohol sales are good, especially for sporting events, but I can’t remember the last time I saw someone standing outside smoking. We’re trying to cater for healthier lifestyles. When we opened 11 years ago only 18% of students did sport, and now that’s 70%.    

You had just joined Nisa last year, are you still happy with your decision?

I’m still incredibly happy with them, for us they seem to be the best group. There is a Co-op down the road and we’re able to provide everything they offer and more. We still sell a lot of Chinese products, which the customers have asked for. Also, in September we sell lab coats and goggles, so we’re a supermarket with a difference. Multiples just can’t compete on that stuff.

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