Mixed weather is ‘not putting people off’

The last month has been quite good. The building project across the road is just starting to get going and we’re selling more sandwiches, pies and teas, just as we expected. We’re just waiting for that to really get going now.

I’m just amazed at this weather. Just this morning I sold £100 worth of coal and logs. One customer said they really didn’t expect to be buying this sort of thing at this time of year. 

We’re still selling a lot of plants, too – it doesn’t seem that the weather is putting people off. I’m having to tie up a lot
of money in stock for both summer and winter products – but it doesn’t matter as long as it is selling.

I’ve made a decision not to do a big World Cup display this year because I don’t think it’s going to have that much of an effect on our booze sales. 

That said, we are selling a lot of footballs at £4.99, and have had at least two go missing without being paid for.

We’ve had the new season’s honey come in and it’s very mild and flavoursome. We have had a lot of orders already. There’s a lot of oilseed rape fields around here and it’s the hay fever season. The honey is supposed to build up your allergy resistance, so it’s very popular with hay fever sufferers. 

Apart from that we’re selling a lot of flavoured cheeses, including goats cheese with nettles. I wouldn’t eat it myself but it’s very popular.


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