Marketing to customers – Academy in Action 2021 follow-up

Three months ago, the IAA and RN kicked off the 2021/22 Academy in Action programme with Asim Iqbal in Edinburgh to help improve how he markets his store. We find out what he’s achieved

Academy in action follow-up

Each year as part of the IAA’s Academy in Action programme, we visit 10 independent retailers to help them make simple improvements in their stores in order to increase sales and profits.

IAA advice

1Update social media with high-res photos that show off your offer

2Ask customers which media they use to decide where to focus

3Create time-sensitive
posts about delivery options
and offers

The results

“After the visit, we updated our Google and Facebook pages with high-res photos, and since doing that have started to see customers who haven’t visited us before. We also spoke to our shoppers and noticed the elderly ones look forward to our leaflets, so we focused on using this media to reach them.

“We started advertising our promotions and online delivery on social media through regular and time-sensitive posts. As a result of this advertising, our online orders have grown by 25%.”

To read more about when RN visited Asim click here

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