Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know

The most valuable shoppers in your business are those who have not shopped with you previously, those who rarely step into your business.

Think about how to reach those people. The best place to start is your front window, your window on the world which passes by. Use that space to call out to those people who do not shop in your type of shop. Invite, through your display, new traffic. Surprise them with your products and your display.

Another way to connect with people who do not shop in your business is to talk with them.

I have heard independent retailers talk about individuals and even sections of their community and say they don’t shop with us. It’s said as a negative. I say, flip it around and consider it a challenge, an opportunity, to get those who don’t shop with you shopping with you.

Introduce yourself to people you have never talked to. Attracting new traffic starts with making a connection. Your hello personally or through a fresh looking window could be all it takes.

Ellie Dickens also gave guidance about finding and talking to new people here.


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