Responsible Retailing – Academy in Action 2019

In week five’s IAA visit with Canterbury retailer Alan Mannings, category partner JTI’s Head of Communications, Mark Yexley, shares his tips for more responsible retailing.

JTI.pngResponsible retailing is about being compliant with legislation and protecting your staff and shoppers by keeping up to date. Being responsible also means ensuring your business is as environmentally sustainable as possible to ensure the health and well-being of your community.

Before benchmarking, discover how Mark Yexley from JTI identified ways to help Alan Mannings and created a tailored action plan to make sure his store is compliant with the law.

Alan took over the 500sq ft Shop on the Green in Chartham, Canterbury, 15 months ago and knows his customers by name. He has prior experience in retail, but this is his first time running a business. Since taking over the store, Alan has built his reputation by being vigilant on underage sales and proxy sales, and being sustainable where he can. How can the IAA help him improve?

NameAlan Mannings
ShopShop on the Green
LocationChartham, Canterbury ​​​​​​​
Size500sq ft ​​​​​​​
Staff Three part-time ​​​​​​​


Why I take part

WHY-I-TAKE-PART.pngWith this being my first shop, I knew there was a lot I needed to learn. The Independent Achievers Academy has provided me with a lot of industry expertise and helped my business grow. Having JTI here today helping me become a more responsible retailer has been great, and I look forward to learning more about Challenge 25 and being compliant.” 

IAA advice

Action-1.pngAlan’s challenge: Follow the Challenge 25 scheme to eliminate underage sales 

Alan combats underage sales by asking for ID, having signs around the store and storing high-priced alcohol behind the till. However, Alan is unsure how to record underage and proxy sales. How can he do this?

Mark says: “A refusals register is a practical way of ensuring retailers are being compliant. If Trading Standards visited the store, a refusals register is a great way of providing evidence that you are compliant with current legislation. Documenting refused sales shows retailers are actively monitoring the situation and are communicating with other staff members.”

Action: Keep a log of all refusals, and sign and check it weekly 


Alan’s challenge: Obeying legislation so staff and customers are protected 

Alan wants to report any illicit trade he witnesses, but currently only uses social media to alert the convenience stores around him. How can he report any form of illegal trade?

Mark says: “Alan is doing a great job stopping underage sales, but by using the various resources available, we can help push him further in the right direction. Make sure to report any intelligence of illegal sales to the authorities. Being active in reporting illicit trade shows your customers and your community that you are doing everything you can to obey legislation.”

Action: Report any illicit trade using supplier websites or through HMRC. 

Action-3.pngAlan’s challenge: Keep written records of the regulations you comply with 

Although Alan tries his best to keep up to date with new legislation, he is unsure where to go for information. What can he be doing to make sure he and his staff are on top of any changes?

Mark says: “With new legislation, it’s important retailers keep up to date with what’s happening. There is a lot of information available that will enable retailers to learn about forthcoming regulations, how it will affect them and how to be compliant. Supplier websites contain valuable information including ‘no ID, no sale’ packs that can help train retailers and their staff.”

Action:Check out supplier websites and work with them to find out information on new legislation. 

Partner advice
Mark Yexley 
Head of Communications 
Retailers are key members of the community and have a duty to their customers to operate in a responsible manner. It was fascinating to visit Alan’s store and witness the challenges all retailers face, from keeping up with legislative changes to the sale of age-restricted goods.​​​​​

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