Availability – Academy in Action 2019 follow-up

In March, the IAA and Blu visited Rana Ali’s store in Errol to help him increase sales by improving his availability. Three months on, we discuss what he’s achieved.

AIA availability

IAA advice

1. Complete gap scans once a day to spot out-of-stock items.

2. Implement a traffic light system to identify what’s running low.

3. Trust staff with more responsibility, such as performing gap scans.

Rana’s results

We have started to carry out gap scans daily, which has helped us identify bestsellers. If an item is running low, my team and I will scan the barcode and order the product straight away, and our sales have increased by 5%. We now use shelf labeling to identify low stock, so when I carry out a gap scan I can identify products easily, and my sales have increased as a result.Staff have more responsibility and are more vigilant, and we’re getting in new customers as a result.

Partner advice


Mark Southgate
Area Business Manager

It’s fantastic Rana’s sales have increased. Good availability is key for customers, so it’s imperative for retailers to maintain high availability. Gap scans are a vital necessity for driving sales and increasing spend.

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Find out more about how the IAA and Blu helped Perth retailer Rana Ali grow sales by improving availability.


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