IAA 2016 Merchandising

The award for Merchandising in association with Wrigley:

Winner: Harj Dhasee, Village Stores Mickleton (Nisa), Mickleton

wrigley logoHarj understands his demographic and concentrates on shopper missions which appeal to them to maximise his sales. He’s worked on the store’s flow, putting impulse and meal solutions with strong adjacencies on the outskirts where he knows his customers will pass by and needs-based products like household goods in the middle.

Harj walks his store thinking as a customer to ensure his merchandising enables easy purchasing decisions, tweaks supplier planograms to fit his shoppers’ needs and mixes staple products with treats in each section to increase impulse purchases and upselling.

Secrets to success:

Winner: Harj Dhasee
Store name: Village Stores Mickleton (Nisa), Mickleton
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  1. Harj caters for an older, wealthier demographic, so ingredients to cook meals from scratch and fresh produce are very important. He merchandises his ranges to follow customer journeys.
  2. The store concentrates heavily on shopper missions, so Harj mixes products people need with treats in each section, which helps him upsell.
  3. Harj makes sure his displays make shopping in his store easy. The layout is designed so people shop the outskirts for impulse and meal solutions and the interior for household goods.

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