IAA 2016 Customer Service

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The award for Customer Service, in association with Phillip Morris:

Winner: Paul & Gail Mather, Sherston Post Office & Stores

Phillip Morris logoPaul & Gail have listed the top 10 turn on and turn offs in convenience shopping to communicate their standards, and then got staff to critique it. They have a thorough induction course, encourage staff to see through their customer’s eyes to identify ways to improve and hold awards each year to keep them focussed on delivering great service. They go above and beyond to ensure the personal touch, doing the unexpected, like calling the local sorting office to help get a held up parcel where it needs to be.

Secrets to success:

Winner: Paul & Gail Mather
Store name:Sherston Post Office & Stores
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  1. Paul and Gail understand customers come first. They’ll even supply them with fresh fruit and veg from their own fridge if they are out of stock of something a customer wants.
  2. Paul and Gail’s philosophy is to go the extra mile and do the unexpected. If a parcel is held up, staff will ring the sorting office to get it delivered where their customer wants it.
  3. All staff are local and have an affinity with the area that makes the store stand out. An induction course and annual awards promote the importance of great service.

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