IAA 2015 Service to the Community

The award for Service to the Community, in association with Booker Wholesale.

The award for Service to the Community, in association with Booker Wholesale:


  • Joey & Julie Duhra, Premier Jules Convenience StoreBookerWS_low
  • Paul Mather, Sherston Post Office & Stores
  • Rajesh Navi, Broadfield Newsagents & Post Office
  • Shahid Razzaq, Family Shopper Blantyre

Winner: Joey & Julie Duhra, Premier Jules Convenience Store

Joey & Julie are very active in their community, sponsoring the local youth football team and holding a police surgery in-store each month. In total they have raised £40,000, which has gone to individual causes, including a bench for a local boy who passed away and a wheelchair for a girl with Down’s Syndrome.

How to be an IAA winner

Winner: Joey & Julie Duhra
Store name: Premier Jules Convenience Store
Location: Telford
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  1. Julie sponsors local teams, raises money for a local hospice and plans to run a marathon next year. She chooses which causes to support by talking to customers.
  2. Julie has increased her store’s appeal by increasing her magazine range and displaying children’s titles next to sweets.
  3. Julie and her husband Joey work with the council to get jobs done in their area, which earns them respect from local customers.

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