IAA 2015 Marketing to Customers

The award for Marketing to Customers, in association with Heineken.

The award for Marketing to Customers, in association with Heineken:


  • Dee Sedani, One Stop Etwall VillageHEINEKEN_Logo
  • Faisal Naseem, Premier Arbroath Party Time
  • Mark & Samantha Coldbeck, Premier Wharfedale
  • Sunita & Suresh Kanji, Family Shopper Little Hulton

Winner: Mark & Samantha Coldbeck, Premier Wharfedale

Mark & Samantha have a welcoming shop front and know their customers by name, which is just one way that they use to show how they are different to the multiples. They use a local leaflet distributor to target 1,000 customers that wouldn't usually visit their store every four weeks, and have a loyalty scheme to track behaviour.

How to be an IAA winner:

Winner: Mark & Samantha Coldbeck
Store name: Premier Wharfedale
Location: Hull
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  1. Samantha regularly walks the store as a customer would to check how effectively she is communicating with shoppers
  2. Social media is used to promote offers and tell customers what the store is doing for its community.
  3. Mark and Samantha keep their store vibrant by ensuring they have a strong range supported by clearly visible officers

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