How your business will prosper with a website

On-going marketing is the lifeblood of your shop and having a quality website is an essential part of that marketing.

Use your web site to show your customers around the store, present them with special offers, give them some insight into yourselves and more.

If you have the resources, why not set up on-line shopping? It’s not as hard as you think and at the very least it makes you look like a serious business.

Make sure you publish your opening times, contact details and a Google map to show where you are.

Your website is your opportunity to show everyone what differentiates you from the competition. Feature your local produce on your pages. Make sure people are aware of your community involvement and support for your local community.

Your website can connect you with customers you have not got yet so make sure you are happy with the message it is putting across. Try to view your site as a customer would, does it work as it should?

Here’s what my shop’s website looks like: lambslarder.homestead.com

Do you have a website for your store? If not, would you consider having one? Let us know in the comments section below.

These tips are taken from the e-book ‘So, you want to run a convenience store?’ by Peter Lamb. It is available for free download here.


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