How to find your store’s USP

Having something in your store that no one else does can be a great driver of footfall and sales. The betterRetailing team finds out where retailers got their inspiration and how they got their ideas off the ground

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A unique selling point (USP) is more than having something that other competitors don’t have. In some cases, it can be a matter of identifying something that people don’t even know they want until it’s offered to them. 

A strong USP can bring customers to your store from far away and have them keep coming back for more. Some retailers come up with ideas they feel were staring them in the face the entire time, others do voluminous research to find out upcoming trends and make sure their store has already got what customers want before they want it. 

“You have to focus on what’s happening and educate yourself,” says Sandeep Bains, from Welcome Faversham in Kent

“You don’t want to be too late to move on to something. Make sure you are sharing things with other retailers and learning from them. The best way to learn is with retailers who are already doing it and doing it well.” 

Once inspiration has struck and you have found the thing your store has that no one else does, make sure to promote it heavily and to do so in conjunction with your store. 

Mark Dudden, of Albany News & Post Office in Cardiff, makes sure his window displays highlight what’s special about his store rather than price promotions customers can get elsewhere, while Bains says a consistent campaign on social media will get the word out, even if it takes time. 

“Window covers are how you promote your shop’s USP, it’s your biggest asset, but so many of us cover it up or put the usual products there,” says Dudden. 

“Shout about the things worth shouting about, focus on the unique. If you use it like a billboard, specialists will go the extra mile to help you promote their brand.” 

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