‘How to be brilliant’ video tours: Roli Ranger, Londis, Ascot

A couple of weeks ago on a rare sunny day we visited Roli Ranger and his fantastic shop in Ascot to make a short video on behalf of the Local Shop Summit.  The videos were designed to showcase 3 very different stores and some of the best practice ideas they implement in them to be successful.  We asked each retailer to think of three areas that they’ve been focusing on recently and to show us what they are and how its affected their business.

Roli’s 3 key areas were:

  1. Fresh produce
  2. Local suppliers
  3. Staff development

It was a great experience visiting and filming Roli’s store.  One of the hardest things about putting together this video was cutting down all the interesting and useful bits of footage into just 4 minutes.  Something that didn’t make the cut because its touched upon one of the other videos was Roli’s use of linking up products such as putting fresh limes next to lager in the beer chiller, olives next to the red wine, cream next to the strawberries.  Another nice idea that didn’t get mentioned too much are the recipe cards you find dotted around the store.  Recipe cards are a great way of generating added interest in store and Roli’s have the personal touch of being recipes created by some of his customers.



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