How many messages should you have in your window?

You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of people walking past, so you need to decide which messages are most important to you

Stand outside your store and count how many different messages you are pitching, from the fascia to posters to window displays to signs to what you can see from out there into the business.

Write each of them on a list. How many messages do you have pitching to people outside your business?

If you have more than four messages, decide which of them can be cut.

People walking past your shop most likely do not stop and read them all. You have seconds to grab their attention. The more messages, the less opportunity for them to notice anything.

This challenge is about you deciding what’s most important today. Yes, today – because the things you want to focus on in a week will be different.

My own experience is that less is more. A narrower focus can increase traffic and engagement because people notice a marketing pitch if it is delivered in a less crowded space.

What do you have on display outside your store? Do you agree with Mark? Let us know your thoughts.


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