Having the correct procedures

If you want to run a true business rather than just have a job, you MUST have procedures to ensure that your business runs the same way every time regardless of whether you are in attendance or not.

Your business cannot survive if it is reliant on you as an individual. Although writing procedures is tedious, it was one of the first things I did even before opening for business.

It ensures that all aspects of the business are taken care of in an ordered and routine fashion. It also ensures that all staff members do what is required regardless of who is working.

A side benefit of writing procedures is that it makes you think about every aspect of your business and how it must work.

We have procedures for most things from opening the shop in the morning to closing the shop at night. Ordering stock, cleaning, health and safety, you name it. All of us must tick off the daily tasks and sign the sheet each day to prove we have done what is required.

Shop Closing Procedure (Must be Signed by Staff Member)

* Check Coffee Machine water level

* Check Coffee Machine ingredients levels

* Clean Coffee Machine – including Drip Tray

* Empty bins and replace liners

* Sweep Floor

* Empty Vacuum Cleaner

* Vacuum Carpet (Or Sweep)

* Clean Food Warmer

* Discard out of date Muffins and Pastries

* Clean containers & tongs

* Newspaper and Magazine returns

* Clean Kitchen and Toilet

* Mop Floor

* Put Fruit & Vegetables in fridges

* Discard Bakery bread that is more than 1 day old

* Check confectionary levels

* Order fresh fruit and vegetables

* Set AC Timers if required

* Turn off illuminated Open Sign

* Turn Off all Fridge Lights including Beer Fridge

* Close all Blinds

* Turn door Open Sign to Closed

* Place forecourt display produce inside Shop

* Place Tables, Chairs and Umbrellas in Shed

* Bring in A Boards

* Run Sales Summary report and Close off Till

* Put Till Drawer and Cash in Safe

* Shut down Computer

* Close down Cash Machine for the day

* Put printouts in safe

* Put Phone on Charger

* Refill Cash Machine and set for new day

* Shut Cigarette display

* Turn off Advertising Screen

* Call Megan/Peter with Days Take

* Set Alarm & Lock Shop


Signed Date

This post is an extract from the e-book ‘So, you want to run a convenience store?’ by Peter Lamb. It is available for free download here.


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