Happy Jubilee!

The nation is set to enjoy a weekend of celebrations to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – with fingers crossed that the weather stays dry.

The four-day Bank Holiday gives the country the opportunity to gather together to mark the Queen’s historic 60-year reign, and 6 million people – some 12% of us – are expected to throw a street party.

This could be a massive celebration for indies too. The multiples are already reporting record sales of Pimms (described by some in the sector as being a “litmus paper for the feel good factor”) while sales of everything from champagne and cider to cake, cucumbers, strawberries, and picnic-ware are up.

How to get the most out of it

Ensuring you are well-stocked up on these patriotic favourites, extending opening hours where the supermarkets can’t and organising special initiatives to get involved with your community – I’ve heard about businesses who are planning picnics and tea parties – are a few great ways to boost your sales over the next few days.

Here’s Jon Dunman, vice president for convenience and fuel solutions at Torex, with some more tips.

1) Check the weather – sunshine or rain, the weather determines the products customers will buy and therefore what stock you should purchase

2) Parties – street parties will be taking place in abundance during the Jubilee weekend so make sure you stock up on flags, bunting, party food and sharing bags

3) Advertise effectively – post signs advertising cold drinks and lunch deals outside during peak times

4) Merchandise – towards the end of the weekend be sure to mark Jubilee stock down for fast sale in time to clear it

5) Don’t forget the basics – keep enough carrier bags and don’t forget to stock up on bread and milk

Thanks to Jon – all good tips, and let’s hope this proves to be the bumper sales opportunity we’re all expecting. Remember – whatever else happens, keep smiling – this weekend is supposed to be fun, and the more you enjoy it, the more your customers will too.

Have a great weekend!


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